Making Sense of MS Research

Summaries of independent,
high-quality research about multiple sclerosis treatments

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation for MS

Does this apply to me?

When deciding if the information about multidisciplinary rehabilitation applies to you it helps to think about how similar you are to the people that were included in the studies.

What we know about the people included in the multidisciplinary rehabilitation studies

  • They had all different types of MS
  • They were aged over 18
  • They had moderate to severe levels of disability

If I am similar to the people in the studies, can I expect the same results?

It is important to remember that studies deal with averages and statistics. Even if you are similar to the people in the studies, we can’t know for sure that you will respond in the same way.

What we can say, is that, on average, people with MS can benefit from multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs in a number of ways.

Whether or not you gain any benefits will depend on a number of factors, such the availability of specialist rehabilitation therapists and services, your willingness to actively take part and whether you can continue with your program.