Making Sense of MS Research

Summaries of independent,
high-quality research about multiple sclerosis treatments

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for MS

Does this apply to me?

Despite the fact that research shows that it is ineffective, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may still be offered to, or accessed by, people with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Australia and elsewhere.

It may be helpful to remember that is has been thoroughly tested in people with

  • different kinds of MS
  • mild to severe levels of disability
  • all the studies tested at least 20 sessions of HBOT (delivered as a four-week course of treatment)

If I am similar to the people in the studies, can I expect the same results?

It is important to remember that studies deal with averages and statistics. Even if you are similar to the people in the studies, we can’t know for sure that you will respond in the same way.

What we can say, is that, on average, the studies show that people with MS who use HBOT do not experience any benefits.