Making Sense of MS Research

Summaries of independent,
high-quality research about multiple sclerosis treatments

Copaxone® for all types of MS

Does this apply to me?

When deciding if this information applies to you it’s helpful to think about how similar you are to the people that were included in the studies.

What we know about the people included in the Copaxone® studies:
  • They had RRMS or SPMS/PPMS
  • They were aged between 18 to 65 years
  • They included people with a range of disability levels
If I am similar to the people in the studies, can I expect the same results?

It is important to remember that studies deal with averages and statistics. Even if you are similar to the people in the studies, we can’t know for sure that you will respond in the same way. What we can say, is that, on average, Copaxone® does not appear to offer significant benefits to people with SPMS/PPMS or RRMS.