Making Sense of MS Research

Summaries of independent,
high-quality research about multiple sclerosis treatments


Making Sense of MS Research is a new web site for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their family members who are looking for information about the evidence of treatments for MS. It may also be helpful for health professionals.

It provides plain language summaries of high-quality research (evidence) about treatments for MS. We use reports, called systematic reviews, produced by The Cochrane Collaboration, on which to base our summaries. Over time, we hope the web site will grow, to cover more treatment topics and include a greater range of features.

Making Sense of MS Research was developed by researchers, MS Australia and people with MS as part of the IN–DEEP project. See the About Us page to find out more.

Why did we create Making Sense of MS Research?

People with MS and their family members told us that they want access to high-quality information about MS from sources they can trust. Yet, sifting through the vast amount of information available about MS and knowing how to interpret MS research information can leave people feeling confused and overwhelmed.

We believe that having access to high-quality health information is an important component of good decision-making and helps people take control of their health. While the Making Sense of MS Research web site can only provide a small slice of the information that people with MS and their family members might need, we hope you find it understandable, relevant and useful.

This information is only one piece of the information jigsaw

This website summarises high quality research from systematic reviews produced by The Cochrane Collaboration. We present how well these treatments work on average because that is the way the research is conducted. How an individual responds might be different. Each summary is only one piece of the information jigsaw. If you are making a decision, the complete information jigsaw would include other pieces, such as your preferences, your health processional’s clinical experience, and other pieces of information, such as how treatments work over a long time span.

Please talk to your health professional or local MS Australia staff for more information